Thursday, May 26, 2016

50+ Android Useful Secret (Latest android trick for free)

Latest 50+ Android Useful (Hidden or Secret) for Free :-

Its a typical task to know about all the Android and as this are secret or hidden for a comman person because they are only used by technician or experts but is giving you the most usefull and interesting secret list of approx 50+ , so that for a trifle you don't have to go to the expert or official service center and pay them a high repairing fees or any thing else. With this you can also your friends and other person mobile and this can also be called as Android Secret trick list. As we are providing you 50+ and it quit difficult to put all those in a single post and for yours convenient is providing the list in a word file(Secret android .txt) so that it will helps us both as it will be sy for you to save all and we can sily share these with out messing the post with a lengthy post.
Some Of theSecret :-
Just for your satisfaction we are providing here some of the or you can also called it as a sample and the rest of the like imei no, testing ,firmware etc is in word file that you can download it from below given link and use these sily.
1.This will Display the Phone's lock Status (it happen many time with newbies and even by the old user we forgot our phone lock and this will help to gain it and it can also help to know others lock status just type the and the info will be there.)

2.This will immediately Backup all your media files whenever you want and especially help to avoid the deleting of ourprecious collection-->*#*#273282*255*663282*#*#*

3. This will Format your device to factory state (will delete everything on phone)

Download link of Text file (50+Android secret .txt ) :-
The other rest of the useful and interesting secret are given in the below given text file and you can download it from below given link

Link 1:- Click Here to Download Secret Android list of 50+ .txt file (14 kb) orLink 2:- Download free 50+ Android Trick txt file by Clicking Here (14 kb)
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