Thursday, May 26, 2016

Check your Friend’s Balance Without touching Their phone(Prank trick)

Check your Friend’s Balance Without Notifying it for (airtel,bsnl,id,docomo):-
So,,guyz this time brings an awesome trick for all its not a trick but we can call it as prank trick , with this trick you can check your friends or any no. balance and then tell him about this and say that his/her phone is in yours control and fun with them.
as in my rlier post i post on how to know full detail of any Reliance user , and now this trick is working for almost all networks like Airtel, Id, Docomo. and if you have any other network same trick then let me know i would make explantion by adding it.
Simple step:-
Airtel -
Well if want to know balance for any Airtel Prepaid then you can just dial 09810198101 from your phone no matter which network you have it will work, now after you dial the just follow below steps.
Select the language.Then it will ask if you are alrdy using this network press 1.Now enter your friends mobile .Now it will recite that just press1 to confirm that .If it asks for any Pin just enter 1234Now it will give you few option just press1 to choose mobile service.Now to know the balance and validity of that just press 1 .Now it will recite balance for that .
Docomo -if your friend is on Tata Docomo then no matter you can find his mobile balance by just dialing 07737012345 from your phone and then following same steps mentioned above.
Id -or Id users you need to dial 09824012345 from your phone and then follow all the steps mentioned above to get the mobile balance.
BSNL -if you friend is on BSNL network then we have a for that too just dial 9415100123 from your phone and then follow steps mentioned above to get balance for your friends mobile .
so enjoy with this trick and make fun of your friends.
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