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Vodafone 3G Latest Vpn Trick (Confirmed working in Delhi) {June 2013}

Vodafone 3G Latest Vpn Trick (Confirmed working in Delhi) {June 2013}:-

Hi,,,,and a warm good morning to you and today i brought a Latest VPN trick for free 3g on Vodafone via NMD Vpn and Tricksage's configuration file its confirmed working in dehli circle and we are quit sure that it will work in other place tooo,,,,,as you know to the Vodafone is quit difficult but has done it and providing you the latest vodafone 3g Vpn trick ,,,
so,,just follow the below given simple steps to use free 3g net on vodafone,,,

1.Use in Rs.2 Balance (No Need of any plan)
2.No Disconnection Problem is there .
3.Based on Fastest Protocol Speed Upto- 250 KBPS+
4.No speed capping
5.No sim blocking
6.Works on blocked sim also
7.No Required
8.100% Working in Delhi
9.Supports HTTPS and HTTP protocol
10.Certifie Error Solved
11.Working Both in 2G (GSM) and 3G (UMTS) Mode
12. Apn : portalnmms Or U can Try WWW @ Zero Balance

1.Download The Configuraton file which are configured by Tricksage for vodafone and you can download it by below given link or from Here too.

CLick Here To Download CONFIGURATION FILE (18kb)
2.Now if you have an NMD VPN then Install it or if you don't have then download either by clicking here or from the below given link,,,

Click Here to Download NMD VPN (1.6 mb )
3.After installing NMD vpn run NMD Vpn as a Administrator( 7 and 8 Users),,,by Right clicking on the logo,,

4.finally connect with the given Configuration file and you can choose any one and just enjoy,,free 3g Gprs,,

!! Confirmed Working Fine in Delhi !!

You can check in Your state Might Works 4 u Cant say Confirmed.

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