Thursday, May 26, 2016

Are you using free Wi-Fi ? is it SAFE ?

Free Wi-Fi’s spot are they safe to use ??

Do you want to buy those shoes you are looking at online while sipping coffee and enjoying free Wi-Fi at the local bistro? Better stop before you shop.Waiting like a mugger in a dark corner may be a , intercepting such information as your credit card s, name, address and more before it ever rches the Internet shoe seller.

Public Wi-Fi is inherently unsecure. Anyone using it ought to do so with the premise that every thing you do is visible to a third-party stranger with accessto that hot spot, said Kevin Clark, first assistant Monmouth County prosecutor, an expert in cybercrime. The chances of you being far exceeds the chances of your home beingburglarized. This is a big business. Public Wi-Fi is almost every where —in stores, libraries and restaurants and soon on commuter trains and in stations—but so is the danger. The best advice for users is not to be lulled by the convenience of Wi-Fi, to be skeptical and to take your own precautions to secure your computer and information,Clark said..

Experts warn against making any financial transactions or using credit cards on public Wi-Fi, which can provide identity thieves with the information they need to go on a shopping spree with your for attackers

How hard is it to access your private information? Ryan McVeety, a senior in Red Bank Regional High School's information technology academy, set up a demonstration to show how sy it is to rd a user name and on an unsecured network. Seconds after a victim typed in a username and , McVeety, of Little Silver, who studied cyber security at Red Bank Regional, was able to capture them on another computer and rd the information back.Both he and his tcher Mandy Galante warned that users offree public Wi-Fi must be on guard..Is it safe? Absolutely not. Internet shopping (on open public Wi-Fi) is a bad id, Galante said. Some experts even advise against checking Facebook oremail accounts for the same rson, because too much information can be exposed to s that allows them to use programs that guess s,gain access to info and stl a person's identity. It's dangerous to connect to the Internet on them for several rsons. The biggest danger is on open, public Wi-Fi networks that do not require a , he said, Many people are lulled into a false sense of security by the convenience, and security software on your computer will not stop them, Curtmola said..

In short, Dont use fb, rd emails and dont do online shopping on public wifi. .DONE.

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