Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to : Make .gifs directly on chrome

How to : Make .gifs directly on chrome :-
What do you use to crte a GIF (a moving picture like given below)? Most of us will use or GIF-making tools that require you to download the first. While desktop tools give users more options when crting GIF we have found a much sier way to crte a GIF.

MakeGIFis aChrome browser extensionthatlets you crte a GIF straight from a Chrome browser.You don’t have to download a first or lve your browser.

To start, first you need to addMakeGIFto your Chrome browser after which you will find the icon for it on the right side of the URL bar.Hd over to your site and click in to the you want to make a GIF of. Choose the time in the and pause the there. Click on the MakeGIF icon.Set the GIF quality, GIF size, capture FPS and max frames you want and click Start.MakeGIF will start to capture the frames. Click onDonewhen you think the GIF should end. Before erating the GIF you canAdd TextorReversethe GIF under ‘Frame Options’. Clickerate GIF.After erating the GIF you can share or save the GIF. For GIF sharing, the max GIF size share-able is 4 MB. If the GIF size is bigger than 4 MB the only option you have is tosave the GIF into your hard .Here is the example of a GIF that we crted using MakeGIF. in above screenshot.if you like this post then you can join us on social network and feel free to share there and we thanks lim the tech savy for this us :- us for more updates & share us and don't be a silent user plse comment about the post and fill free to ask any thing your's comment let us to post more useful post for you all,,,:-

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