Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Identify Fake/Phishing links without clicking on it ?

How to Identify fake/phishing links without clicking on it :-

As we all know that the no. of and scam day by day is incrsing ,and we have to be very carefull for our personal identity and email detail on internet and as now so many link and website provides a direct sign-up through facebook,twitter and other social media and as s also use this trick and this is called as phishing links so,,how to check that a particular link is fake or rl.
And to check this tricksage brings a awesome trick without clicking on that link on site ,,,so simply see below part to check..

Just to check the link/website is fake/phising link or rl.without clicking on that links.

Now Just copy the link from the address bar as shown in the below link...

Now go to this link by click here and paste the link you copied from address bar and the rest of work will be done by the given link.CLick here to Go to the link and paste the link to be checked..

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