Thursday, May 26, 2016

Top 5 Advantages of rooting your Android Phone & How to Root ?

The Top 5 advantages of rooting your Android Phone & How to Root ? :-

Today i am going to tell you that what are the advantages of rooting your android smart phone. I hope that you are rding this article if had alrdy rooted your device or willing to root later. Anyway there are lot of advantages for a rooted android device than a normal device. Before explaining that you should understand and as many of you know as i told you in my rlier post tittled asWhat is RooT & How To RooT Any ANDROID Mobile in Simple Steps .

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Advantages of Rooting Android phone :-
There are many advantages if you root your android device. Some of them are mentioned here.
1.Access to all Root only Apps:-

As you know that there are more than 6000000 apps on Google Android Market. Among these you can't install thousands of apps which needs Super User permission. One popular app which need Super User Permission is Link2SD. Link2SD allows users to move apps installed on device to external SD card which saves the internal memory. Here are some other popular apps which need device to be rooted. And in Tricksage's upcoming post i will tell you the 30 must have apps on rooted android .board ManagerTitanium BackupSamba FilesharingDroidWallDual Mount SD Widget.

This is the main advantage of rooting your device. All you know that every yr android introduces new updates in their OS. When i am posting this article their last OS were Jelly Bn. Your Brand New Smart Phone seems too old if you use an older version of android. Am i right?
If you make your device rooted you can manually install pirated version of brand new android OS. I had installed Jelly Bn on my Galaxy Y successfully.
3. Bloatware:--
If You became the Super user of your device ( After rooting you are called super user) , you can manage all of your system files mns you can uninstall unwanted inbuilt apps also known as Bloatware from your device.
This makes your phone cln as well as extra bit of memory space.
4. Overclock Processor:-
By rooting your device you can overclock your processor. Overclocking with Custom ROM's results in explosive device performance. One user of S had said that he got more speed of 250 % after he rooted and overclocked the processor. But i didn't getting enough speed after overclocking my Galaxy Y.
Only one advice to my fellow rders that plse do not try to overclock your device without getting significant proof. It will result in damage of your brand new Phone.
5. Better Battery Life :-
The most ever problem facing by all smart phone users are its low battery life. Rooting your device gave a little bit relief from this problem. As i mention rlier you can manage all of your apps after rooting your device. There are lot of unwanted apps installed on your device, which were ting half portion of your battery charge. By managing these sucking apps you can achieve more battery life. I don't think that rooting can perform outstanding magic on your device but surely rns you few more hours.
Before rooting your device keep in mind that it will brk all manufactures warranty. So think two or three times before brking up your device. If any problem persists you can unroot your device.
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