Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to : Delete an undeletable file or folder sily

How to : Delete an undeletable file or folder sily :-

Sometimes it happens that we want to delete a certain file or folder, but it can't be deleted in winodws OS system shows prompts that "the file or folder is in use" or other prompts and it's more happening in now-a-days .

but you can delete those file or folders very sily by using safe mode with command prompts.

i know that so many of our rders know this but there are quit several rders how don't know on this topic at all so this post is for them. as it is system procedure so be careful and don't make any mistake .

Steps to delete file or folder :-
1.Firstly find or go to the file loion {as shown in below screenshot} and write it on any paper, let suppose the file is "Tricksage.txt" and it is in "My document" then write its complete address as

C:\documents and setting \username\My document

2.Now restart your computer or laptop and when it boots press F8 .

3.Now a screen will open and you will find advanced Boot options menu.

4.then simply go to to safe mode with command prompts section. the computer will boot in DOS prompt

6.then type C:\documents and setting \username\My document (same address as noted on paper)

7.then type del tricksage.txt (the file name )

and your will be deleted and you done ..

Warning :-Deleting system file can crash your system so be careful when you delete file.
Note:-as now in some newer versions after pressing F8 > choosing safe mode option a safe mode operating open and it shows all icon big and in that you can simply go to the file loion and simple press shift+del on the file,and the file will be deleted.
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