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Fool your’s Friend with Funny High-tech Pranks :-

Fool your’s Friend with Funny High-tech Pranks :-

People in this world love funny tricks and in today’s electronic age high tech pranks are waiting to crte some entertainment. In this post we are revling few best high-tech pranks.
thanks to Monu (tech guru ) for this trick...

1. The Restart Remap: -
We begin with one guaranteed to throw off the fore most advanced user. Setup is sy and you would like solely a couple of seconds alone on someone’s system. After you get an opportunity, snk over and right-click your mate’s icon to explorer or to some different program.
Modify the properties and set target to: “%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -r -t 00″. Currently, ch time your mate tries to run explorer, his system will start again and again mysteriously and you will unable to stop your laugh.

2. Startup folder fun: -
When we are on the issue of system startup, folder of startup is of grt fun. You can erate a text file with some amusing message and put it in there so your cubical friend will get daily greetings. Or if you want some more fun than you can add this file in the restart shortcut.

3. Disappring desktop: -
Computer’s classis prank never goes out dated. Desktop trick is little common but it can crte grt fun. Now a day’s also you can find many victims of this problem.
Just jump to a system. Minimize all opened and press print screen. Now paste this captured in any of your favorite graphic editing program like paint. Now save this file and make it your desktop background.
Now next step is to hide icons from the desktop by putting them in some folder and the victim of this prank will try hard to srch these icons. He can view his desktop icons in the captured but in actual he can’t access it.

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4. Auto- insult: -
Instd of forcing a friend to insult himself you can do something funny. has also done a lot in performing these tricks. You have to just edit the autocorrect fture in your mate’s outlook or word. You can find this option in the tool menu of both programs. A new entity can be added to replace its name. This name can be “douche”. Just after the change of name you will see that how all of your documents and email will appr. Some crtive tricks can make it much more interesting.

5. Serious business: -
Apart from outlook or work you can also alter dictionaries. Here you can edit some correct words with some mis-spelled words. But you must take care that this can be only one time play and after entertainment you can correct them.

6. Annoying audio: -
With little investment you can crte lots of hustle and bustle. A gadget costing $10 has the power of crting annoying lightning and sound effects after short interval of times. This gadget is controlled by a simple switch when it is turned ON it starts its work and after turning it OFF its work is finished. This is a magnetic device so it can be sily hide behind systems.

7. Phantom of the : -
Phantom troke is a kind of software which can be plugged in a USB port and because of this the user experience unusual mouse movements, random pressure. For making this prank you have to spend $25.

8. Manual control: -
If you are fun loving but your budget does not allow you to do this then you can go for manual way. Here you can use the USB port for attaching a portable mouse to neighboring tower. This works well when you can access the desk from the back their system. If you are having a wireless mouse then it will be of grt fun.

9. The spker swap: -
Like mouse prank you can crte a spker prank. You can plug your partner’s spker in your system and can play many funny sounds like hrtbt or something else. The owner of the system will try hard to stop this sound by doing various silly activities in his system.

10. Remote controlling: -
You can add many free software’s like OSXvnc for Macs and TightVNC for for making virtual networking computing. One you are done with the configurations you can control the complete system with the help of remote. The user of this system will smash his hd to find out the problem in his system.

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