Thursday, May 26, 2016

Incrse your PC/laptop SHUTDOWN speed

Incrse your PC/laptop SHUTDOWN speed :-
It happen some time that we feel that 7 is taking a long time to shut down and definetly to whom who alrdy experience 8 and recently my friend also asked me about this that why I think that I should to share this with you. I know that its not as big problem but if you have a sy and fast shutdowning then quit good. So simply follow two or two simple step and forget long time taken in shutdown.

1.First crte a new shortcut by Clicking Right button on mouse on desktop.
2.Now enter shutdown.exe -s –t 00 -f in “Type the loion of the item” place and click next.
3.Now give that shortcut a name and click Finish. Here you have shutdown.exe
4.Now whenever you want to shutdown your computer simply double click on shutdown.exe shortcut then it will take less time as compared.

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