Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to : Download all pictures from facebook or any webpage

How to : Download all pictures from fb or any webpage:-

Some it happens that we need to download all photos of a person on facebook might be for any rson and for a particular silly work its not an efficent way to download a software and use it, so to avoid this lenghty process we brought a trick which help you to download all photos of your friend or any person fb.
Now I will show you How to Download all photo from any Web page or Facebook page without help of any software. Here are some Steps given in this trick just rd And follow them carefully. In case Of any problem you can lve your Comment below so that we can Help you.

we recommend:-Incrse your pc/laptop speed upto twice without any software

How to use (instructions):-
Step 1:- First of all open that Facebook page or any website Page whose photos you want To download.

Step 2:-Suppose you have opened a Facebook page then just Scroll down the page as Much as much photos you Want to download.

Step 3:- Now press CTRL + S to Save that page on your Computer. Select the folder to save that Page.

Step 4:- Doing above three Steps just open the folder Where you saved html Webpage. You will notice that There is a folder with same Name as the webpage has. Now just open that folder you Will get all photos of that Page. [Now just delete Unnecessary files like Javascript , css and icons].

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