Thursday, May 26, 2016

Latest Free GPRS trick For Airtel july-august 2013 (Confirmed working in Rajasthan)

Latest Free GPRS trick For Airtel july-august 2013 (working in Rajasthan) :-

Hi, tricks seeker welcome to, as today we are going to post The exclusively new trick for free gprs for airtel users via NMD VPN and our exclusively made new Configuration files and as we only provide working trick and this time free Airtel Gprs trick is working in Rajasthan state is confirm and tested by our tm, we belive that it will also work in other states too.
as it's a vpn trick it will help you in both case ,either you alrdy have the net pack or don't have net pack because VPN trick mainly stops the flow of the data from your side and you wont be charged for that data you used after using this trick it.

Ftures :-
Connect at zero balance too.Confirmed working in rajasthan.High speed providing trick.No dissconnecting problem.

How to Use free GPRS trick :-

First all you have to Download the basic NMD VPN Software (to connect or use the Configuration file) from the below given link :-

link 1:-CLick Here To Download NMD Vpn Software (1.6 mb)or
link 2:- Download NMD Vpn by clicking here (1.6mb)
Now download this small configuration file to use the Free GPRS trick ,its a important or step for this trick.:-
Click here to Download CONFIGURATION FILE by ()

Now after downloading both the above given nmd vpn & configuration file from the respective link simply Extract the configuration file and also install the NMD vpn software,,

After the Extraction copy the folder of configuration file and paste it to the C Drive -> Program files -> NMD Vpn's Folder.
Now simply open the NMD vpn and connect it by using any Configuration file provided by
And you will be connected instantaneously and enjoy the free GPRS on your PC via mobile or netsetter.


Connect at low balance to avoid the deduction.Try at your place and comment us about its working.

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