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How to Convert & Transfer your voice into digital text (may 2013)

How to Convert & Transfer your voice into digital text :-
Sometime we tired by writing long paragraph or longer Emails.And also it is very time consuming process.Think if you got a trick that will help you to write longer documents without writing.I think you get shocked.! But this is true friend if you rd this article you will get a trick that will help you to transfer your voice into digital text. so Lets start.
Dictation(Online Speech Recognition) is a web-based speech recognition app that will help you to translate your voice into the text.This app is also available as an extension in Google Chrome Store.You can try a demo of thisappfrom here.But before trying this rd some rules of using this App.Google chrome extention link :- click here to go
Some shortcuts and rule to use :-
How to start:-
This app is very simple to use.Just Plug-in your microphone into the computer and click on the start dictation button.And see your spoken words are magically transferred into text.

Some Important Voice Commands:
1) If you want to start a new sentence say 'new sentence'.This app will automatically star a new sentence ans also capitalize the first letter of new sentence.
2) If you want to start new paragraph say 'new paragraph'.This app will automatically start new paragraph.
3) If your paragraph will complete simple say 'stop listening'.This app will simply complete the paragraph.And stop listen you.
It you make a mistake,or if chrome makes and error.Then simply edit it inline.You can also export your transcriptions into Drop-box and Google drive.
an especial thanks to monu for this trick...
you can see a YouTube by Amit from the below given link to completely understand this app.
Youtube link:- Speech Recognization for Google Chrome
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