Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hide any file or folder with one simple command line on your Mac

Hide any file or folder without using any software on your Mac :-

Wther you want to hide your personal diary or any stuff which you don't want to share or may be any dark side document , you can hide with the one simple terminal command line on the Mac, if you want to hide any file ,folder simply type this command line as shown below.

To hide just type:-

chflags hidden /paths/to/file or folder

To unhide simply change hidden to nohidden :-

chflags nohidden/paths/to/file or folder.

Now if you don't know the path or don't want to feeling to write simply type the command chflags hidden (for hidden) or chflags nohidden(for unhide) and drag the file or folder onto the terminal window and press enter the rest of the Mac will do itself.

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