Thursday, May 26, 2016

Get Automatic Views & Clicks to Boost / incrse your rning (may 2013)

Get Automatic Views & Clicks to Boost / incrse your rning :- has gained a lot of popularity with its URL shortening and money making program, newbie blogger's are using it on a boom to share awesome stuff by shortening main link through it and making good bucks through it, well even I have shared the chaining technique that works pretty well for optimized income, but today I found another trick with which you can get automatic clicks and views on your links.

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So now by using this trick you are simply exchanging links with other users, so they are clicking your links and you will click their links so in return you both will make good money. So obviously it's a uine trick and does not include any bot or something for virus thrt, so you need to have an active internet connection to get this thing done.

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Step By Step Tutorial To auto Clicks:-

1. So well this tutorial is not that big and can be followed by anyone with little online knowledge, so lets jump in and see what we can do :)2. First of all make sure you have an active account.3. Now just shorten any link, you can shorten any website or direct download link.4. Now visit This website by Clicking here and register a free account.5. Now you do not need to verify it just login to your new account.6. Now just click on Add Links on top and choose Traffic Exchange from dropdown.7. Now just add your link and name it good.8. Now Submit your link or website and that's it.9. Now by default you get 500 points, so that will be utilized but if you need more free coins.10. You can make more coins by using traffic exchange program and clicking other links.

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