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Latest Finger-print lock system for Smart (August 2013)

Latest Finger-print lock system for Smart:-

Now a days almost all of us carry a smartphone and everyone of us wants to protect our phone to be used by anonymous or even from our family members for different rsons and for that there are few other inbuilt security system provided by Android like pattern lock, pin etc , but still many of our close one’s know our , pin, pattern etc and they may use your smart in you’re absence.
And to provide full security to your brings new Fingerprint apps(you can lock your smart with your fingerprint) , and these Fingerprint apps will help you to protect your smart from anonymous use.

some well performing and best apps of Fingerprint locks are given below :-
1.Fingerprint lock Free -

Get the best customizable fingerprint scanner lock that actually works as a lock screen and uses your own wallpaper! Simply run the app and your normal lock screen will be disabled until you exit the app. Get the original and best customizable lock screen for Android!
For more info & Download Link :- Click Here

2.Ultimate Fingerprint Lock Screen - Virtual Biometric Security!(Recommended)
Keep prying eyes from your phone using virtual biometrics (Fingerprint Scanning) to unlock your phone. This visually stunning appliion works by granting access to those who have the appropriate security clrance and denying those who don't!BONUS: If you have a front-facing camera on your device - this app can take security pictures of unauthorized users!Make sure to rd the introduction text to fully understand how to use this app. It does NOT actually rd your fingerprint - it requires a special trick to unlock the device. The trick is set within the settings (touching one of the four corners) and then touching the unlock ar (fake fingerprint scanner).

★★★ FTURES: ★★★✔ Fingerprint Lock Screen✔ Set Time to Scan Fingerprint✔ Take Pictures of Unauthorized Users (saved to photo album)✔ Set Unlock Ar✔ Disable Back Button✔ Turn Sound FX On/Off✔ Review unauthorized access attempts

For more info & Download Link :- Click Here
3.Metal FingerPrintSecurity Lock
You can unlock your phone in style just use the metal fingerprint securuty lock.Metal FingerPrint Security Lock is awesome Appliion.Just the Following Intruction.1 - Setting the Finger Print Phone Security Environment and press back Button to start the FingerPrint.2 - Lock your Phone3 - Touch the lock ar to unlock the fingerPrint scanner.4 - place your thumb to start Scanning5 - Wait for matching the Thumb.6 - If match not found try again.Metal Fingerprint security lockscreen provides rl phone locking functionality, based on the smart lock concept.
For more info & Download Link :- Click Here

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