Thursday, May 26, 2016

Chat Without Internet- Mesh Network | Chat Through Mesh Network

Chat Without Internet The world studyInternet . Monitoring of government -run Internet service . He raised anger among the common people of all countries, with the government - is growing protests . These situations are popping up with a new technology . Now with this technology will be mobile without any internet chat . Intaranetei can now be used without hoyatasaayapa . Using this technology brkthrough soon hoyatasaayapa winners will receive his bosom . Name of this technology ' mesh network ' . This network has the advantage , that the world is going to cause a revolution . " Mesh network " technology, telecommuniions world through the Internet you can come across the main section . Annotations do not need any internet connection . The fact that , in the jungle and remote ars do not have a mobile network . In some places , especially in the case of mobile networks is blocked . This time the problem is sent to the chat and messaging .

What is mesh network : in rlity , underground metro rail mobile signal is lost . Mesh networks are established via the Internet to communie with the mainstrm . This mesh network is more than a lot of power . Simple things like mesh network of bicycle wheels . Which is a central point in ch connected spaka . The central point of the mesh network, mobile phone network , Internet network and computer supplies . If your phone does not have a mobile phone signal , but through the mesh network allows messages to another mobile phone . Do not have a central connection point of your own mesh network . Nevertheless, one of the network nodes in a bar like the waves of the brand started automatically . This range is available in a very good network of another mobile . As a result, any network without any mukhyadharara network messages can be mobile Mesh Network

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