Thursday, May 26, 2016

DotNet Frame Work 4.5 | Latest .Net Frame Work 4.5.1 | Download .Net Frame Work 4.5.2

New Ftures of .Net Frame Work 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 Technology: Update Ftures

Facility to define the default culture for an appliion domainCarry for arrays that are larger than 2 gigabytes (GB) on 64-bit platforms. This fture can be enabled in the appliion configuration file. See the, which also lists other restrictions on object size and array size.Aptitude to reduce system restarts by detecting and closing .NET Framework 4 appliions during deployment. viewBetter performance through background garbage collection for servers. When you use server garbage collection in the .NET Framework 4.5, background garbage collection is automatically enabled. See the Background Server Garbage Collection section of topic.Ability to limit how long the regular apprance engine will attempt to resolve a regular expression before it times out. Background just in time [JIT] compilation, which is optionally available on multi-core processors to improve appliion performanceBetter performance when retrieving resourcesConsole support for Uni [UT16] encoding techniques.Support for versioning of eduional string ordering and comparison data.Ability to compute the hash for strings on a per appliion domain basis.Zip compression improvements to reduce the size of a compressed file.Assignment of string comparison to the operating system, which implements Uni 6.0, when the .NET Framework is used on Win 8. When running on other platforms, the .NET Framework includes its own string comparison data, which implements Uni 5.xAbility to modify a reflection context to override default reflection behavior through. • Support for the 2008 version of the Internationalized Domain Names in Appliions (IDNA) standard when the class is used on Win 8.Download From the bellow link. .Net Frame Work 4.5 .Net Frame Work 4.5.1 .Net Frame Work 4.5.2

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