Thursday, May 26, 2016

Free Wii Points for Nintendo Wii3DS

Free Wii Points for Nintendo Wii/3DSNintendo has been around for ages and their consoles were in the shadow of PS3 and Xbox for couple yrs. With the relse of the new Nintendo devices like Wii U , there is again big demand for wii points so for that rson we decided to start the wii points project again. Before we get into the details about it lets first talk about what Nintendo points are. Wii points and DSi points were separate couple yrs ago and those cards and points could be bought separately. Now they are merged into Nintendo pointsand you can redeem them at your favorite shop depending on what device you own, Wii or DSi.This picture shows how Wii points cards were merged into Nintendo pointsBecause we had similar project before we are going to make this old school and name it wii points instd of nintendo points , but you will know that instd of old cards this version will fture the new Nintendo points and they can be also used for DSi as well as Wii.More about Free Wii points and how it worksWith Nintendo back on its feet with the new Wii U device and with upcoming Wii Mini we decided to remake this project with our latest v2 and make it as good as our other projects. The main fture of the wii points is that it will allow you to get free Wii points and if you own 3DS then you can get free DSi points from our pre-erated Nintendo points that are from now on added on the sponsored server and the databases are updated every day. The security of the server is state of the art and all Nintendo points that you get are just like if you bought them online. Members can erate the database access using the wii points and get access to the free wii points when they need to buy something on Nintendo e-shop. Here is how it looks like with our new v2 skin and The new automatic database update ftureWii Points main window rdy for useDownload the latest Free Wii points Here you can get the latest version of the tool with automatic database updater.DOWNLOAD NOWInstructions and getting the Free Wii pointsDownload from the “download now button above”Start and choose the amount of free Wii points or DSierate and you will be able to get your database from the secured serverEnter your access and you will be able to get your Nintendo points Redeem and enjoy !Free Wii points and for that matter free DSi points that you get can be used to buy anyWiiWareorDSiWaregames and many other things on Nintendo shop.More information about Wii Points and Nintendo PointsThe very best and latest fture that we are proud of is the auto-updater which will allow you to get your databases every day just by clicking “erate” button , before that we had to post it on our website and members could download it from there , but now with the new v2 of our nintendo points it is sy as clicking a button. The success is also improved by large amount , and its close to 94% now. Databases are locked after use to prevent overuse and spam and can be used that day because tomorrow the new database is relsed and you can get another access when you click erate. What makes the new version of free wii points so good and unique is that all of the erated are transferred to the secure server and members that access it get theNintendo points that are 100% safe.DOWNLOAD NOW

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