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We know that many social networking websites such as "Facebook" and "Google Plus" have Chatting fture, & we know that to start chatting we need a Webcam. Sometimes, webcam is not available and we can't start chat with our friends. But after rding this article you can use your mobile phone camera as USB or Bluetooth Webcam !!!

Yes! You Can Use Your Mobile Camera As A Web Camera For Facebook, Yahoo, Skype Or Any Other Chatting Supported Websites. We are going to use a software "Mobiola"

Requirment to turn your mobile camera into usb webcam:-
1 - A Cell Phone with Camera.
2 - A USB Data Cable or Bluetooth Dongle to crte connectivity between your Computer and your Cell Phone.
3 - And A Computer or Laptop.

You can use this trick with any kind of mobile phone such as , iPhone,, Mobile , Symbian S60, Android.

First Of All, Trick For Java, Symbian S60, iPhone, And Mobile -
Step 1 - Go to this linkand click on Download and select your mobile phone to start downloading the app.

Step 2 - Those who are using Java like , , 5300 , 3500 etc. download this appliion from this link -Click Here

Step 3 - Mobiola consists 2 parts. one is a Client Part and other one is a Server Part.

Step 4 - Install Server Part on your PC (.exe file) and install Client Part on your Mobile Phone (ie. .jar and .sis etc).

Step 5 - Run Mobiola Webcam on your Computer.

Step 6 - Run Mobiola Webcam on your Mobile Phone.

Step 7 - Connect your Mobile Phone to your PC by using a USB Data Cable or Bluetooth Dongle.

Step 8 - Now in your Cell Phone, go to Mobiola app and then go to Options, then Connect.

Step 9 - After that, select Bluetooth or USB (Whatever is connected between your Mobile Phone and PC) to crte a connection...

Step 10 - After authentiion all work is done.

If You Are Using An Android Phone Then Follow These Steps :-
Step 1 - Go to Android Market or Google Play Store on your Android Phone and srch for A Appliion Named "USB Webcam".

Step 2 - Download and install that appliion on your Android Phone and turn on USB debugging by going to Settings--> Appliion--> Development--> USB Debugging.

Step 3 - If you are using on your Computer then download Server for USB webcam from here (link)

Step 4 - If you are using linux on your computer, then download Server fromHere(link)

Step 5 - Install Server on your Computer.

Step 6 - Connect your Cell Phone via USB Cable to your Computer.

Step 7 - After that, double click to open Server from your PC, and open Client app from your Cell Phone and Crte A Connection.

That's all... Now you can use your mobile phone camera as USB Webcam!

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