Thursday, May 26, 2016

How To:Take Screenshot/ in Android Phone without Any Software

How To:Take Screenshot in Android Phone without Any Software :-

Sometimes it happens that we need to save a or a screenshot from our phone and we cant do that and in order to resolve this problem has brought an awesome trick to take screenshot and save without using any software and you can lrn this trick with sy screenshots illustrations.

Steps to follow:-
Go to Settings in your android phone.

Now go to Motion settings given under System settings.

Android Phone Motion settings

Scroll down the motion settings until you see Hand Motion settings.

Tick Palm swipe to Capture option

Android Palm swipe to capture settings

Now you have successfully configured android device settings to take screenshots. When ever your want to take screenshot in your android device like Galaxy s3, just swipe screen with your palm from left to right or vice versa. This will take screenshot of the active screen on your android phone.

Android Palm swipe to capture demo

In this way you can take screenshot on your android phone of active screen without installing any extra software or appliion.

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