Thursday, May 26, 2016

logger Tutorial – Limitless logger

Why Limitless Logger is the best LoggerQ. What is a logger ?A. A logger monitors ch troke a user types on a specific computer’s board and saves it to a text file on the har. Most loggers send this text file to your email adress or ftp account. s use loggers to stl s, credit card s and other confidential data. Every logger comes with a builder, this builder is used to erate server.exe. In the builder, you select all your desired options, enter your email adress, to receive the logs. After entering every required thing you erate or build server.exe this is the logger that you will use to infect other peopleSo in this tutorial we are going to talk about the Limitless logger, this has been the best logger i’ve been using for free for a long time.Step by Step Limitless TutorialStep 0 (download):You can get your limitless logger for free from the download link below.DOWNLOAD NOW(Full Version with full access)Step 1 (Email) :You type your email with the domain extension you have such as, and etc like for example 2 (Pass) :Just type in your email here don’t worry it is protected and secured it doesn’t hurt because they will not touch it or receive your because this is used for the Client to send the information of the victim to your email.
Step 3 (SMTP and Port) :Don’t have a account or any other?. Try choosing one of the SMTP servers of the email you have such / 465 – / 587 – / 587 – / 587 – PortStep 4 ( Interval ) :You can set the interval time to the time you want to receive the information such as receive information’s every 20 minutes so you enter the digit 20 there.Step 5 ( Icon Changer ) :You can find this in the Tool Box menu of Limitless Logger. You can only upload files with the extension .icos (For Step 1-5)Limitless Logger Information:[+] FUD (2/37)[+] Noob-Frienly[+] Cln and Clr Logs[+] Email Delivery[+] Add To Startup[+] Melt File[+] Send Run Confirmation[+] Disable Task Manager[+] Clipboard Stler[+] Icon Changer[+] File Pumper[+] Only .net 2.0 DependenciesDOWNLOAD NOW

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