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Most Common Methods and their Msures

Most Common Methods and their Msures :-

There are of methods out their used by s toyour account or get your personal information. Today in this post i will share with you guys 6 Most commonly used method to and their countermsures. You must check out this article to be safe and to prevent your online accounts from .
1. BruteForce AttackAny can be using Brute-force attack. Brute-force attacks try every possible combinations of s, letters and special characters until the right is match. Brute-force attacks can take very long time depending upon the complexity of the . The time is determined by the speed of computer and complexity of the .
Countermsure:Use long and complex s. Try to use combination of upper and lowercase letters along with s. Brute-force attack will take hundreds or even thousands of yrs to such complex and long s.Example: s like"iloveu"or""can be sily whers computer will take yrs to s like"aN34lL00"

2. Social EngineeringSocial engineering is process of manipulating someone to trust you and get information from them. For example, if the was trying to get the of a co-workers or friends computer, he could call him pretending to be from the IT department and simply ask for his login details. Sometime s call the victim pretending to be from bank and ask for their credit cards details. Social Engineering can be used to get someone , to get bank credentials or any personal information.
Countermsure: If someone tries to get your personal or bank details ask them few questions. Make sure the person calling you is legit. Never ever give your credit card details on phone.
3. Rats And loggersIn logging or RATing the sends logger or rat to the victim. This allows to monitor every thing victim do on his computer. Every troke is logged including s. Moreever can even control the victims computer.
Countermsure: Never login to your bank account from cyber cafe or someone else computer. If its important use on-screen or virtual board while tying the login. Use latest anti-virus software and keep them updated. Check out below article to know more about Rats and loggers.4. PhishingPhishing is the most siest and popular method used by s to get someone account details. In Phishing attack send fake page of rl website like facebook, gmail to victim. When someone login through that fake page his details is send to the . This fake pages can be sily crted and hosted on free web-hosting sites.
Countermsure:Phishing attacks are very sy to avoid. The url of this phishing pages are different from the rl one. For example URL of phishing page of facebook might look like (As you can see There are two "b"). Always make sure that websites url is correct. Check out below article to know more about phishing.5. Rainbow TableA Rainbow table is a huge pre-computed list of hashes for every possible combination of characters. A hash is a that has gone through a mathematical aorithm such as md5 and is transformed into something which is not recognizable. A hash is a one way encryption so once a is hashed there is no way to get the original string from the hashed string. A very commonly used hashing aorithm to store s in website databases isMD5. It is almost similar to dictionary attack, the only difference is, in rainbow tables attack hashed characters are used as s whers in dictionary attack normal characters are used as s.
Example:‘hello’in md5 is5d41402abc4b2a76b9719d911017c592and zero length string ("") isd41d898f00b204e9800998ecf8427e
Countermsure:Make sure you choose that is long and complex. Crting tables for long and complex takes a very long time and a lot of resources
6. GuessingThis seems silly but this can sily help you to get someones within seconds. If knows you, he can use information he knows about you to guess your . can also use combination of Social Engineering and Guessing to acquire your .
Countermsure:Don't use your name, surname, phone or birthdate as your . Try to avoid crting that relates to you. Crte complex and long with combination of letters and s.

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