Thursday, May 26, 2016

3G/4G/5G Internet Speed Optimizer for , Linux, Mac and iOS

3G Network Speed Optimizer for Android , Android Phone, Android Tablet
More than a billion of and tablets around the world run on Android. Android is a most powerful technology and that has no question. It is sy to use, sy to customize and since it's made by Google, Android and tablets

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Basic Requirements

1) Your mobile must be a 3G capable/supportable mobile.

2) Your mobile should be rooted capability.

Required Appliion to Run

1. Download 3G/4G OptimizerDownload Now
2. Download Script ManagerDownload Now
3. Download Turbo Changer Script 2G/3GDownload Now

Process of utilization

1. First you have to open 3G/4G optimizer.

2. You have to choose Network Speed to 10/20/8.

3. You have to select Down the speed Incrse and apply the changes made.

4) Now,You have to Open the Script Manager

5)You have to browse for the file ''3G turbo script text file changer'' and Enter Run.

6) You have to scroll up and change the settings to FAST TEST to boost your internet speed.

7) Then ,You have to Reboot Your Device.

8)After rebooting completed, You have to switch to WMA mode( network settings).

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