Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to RAID Configure in Server 2008 -Sun Microsystems PC

What is RAID -Redundant Array of Index.
Inside the computer there is attached a RAID card on mother board. And there are several HDD attached with mother board.

How to RAID Configure?
RAID configure has 2 part
1. Physical RAID Configure
2. Logical RAID Configure

How to Physical RAID configure?
Cover open Sun Microsystems PC , Inside the mother board has a RAID card ,there has two data cable blue and red color. you have to ensure HDD connection through RAID card data cable rather than directly connected data cable of mother board.

How to Logical RAID configure?
Power on the Sun Microsystems PC and follow the display instruction. When system instructed you to press Ctrl+C then you have press it and wait. Within a few moment SAS configuration page open and there has a option RAID property. Press Enter button and see the instruction , RAID status make sure' yes'
then exit from this option by Esc and save it change existing setup and boot from a .
Insert a Server 2008 bootable / into / room. Wait and complete Server 2008 installation .

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