Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Static IP Address Setup in 2008 Server | IP setup Management Console Port Using Console Cable | XP-Hyper Terminal Console Configuration

Management Console is an important part of network monitoring system. If you want to monitor a server from a remote computer, it can be long distance, can be different network, can be different LAN.It possible. Sun Micro-system server PC has two type of LAN port.

1. Simple LAN Port-2
2. Net/MGT LAN Port-2

Simple LAN port as it is normal function of LAN . But Net/MGT that mns console LAN port has special functionality. We can assign an IP address in console LAN(Net/MGT) port it so that we can monitor from long distance a remote PC .We can manage server from remote PC through console port IP.

How to configure IP through HyperTerminal Console ?

Assign IP address in NET/MGT LAN port as it is normal LAN port IP assigningConnect Server PC to very nr at a remote PC through Management Console CableRemote PC OS should be XPGo to start menu -> All Programme-> Accessories->Communiion->HyperTerminal Login by Default User: 'root' and: 'changeme '

Hyper Terminal Configure bellow:

->set SP/AtInfo IpAddress="Ip address"
->set SP/AtInfo NetMask="NetMask address"
->set SP/AtInfo Gateway="Gatewayaddress"
->set SP/AtInfo DhcpConfigured="disable"
. show /SP/AtInfo

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